Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program 2023

In This Post you will read about Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program 2023 Online Apply in details eligibility and criteria etc .  As per the improvement and development of the youth of the country is concerned about offering opportunities to characterized by taking the financial risk of profit, the applications have been developed again under Kamyab Jawan Program by the government of Pakistan. Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (YES) is for the action of providing financial support to all eligible persons. Read about scholarship for you education.

All desirable persons, who have a right to get the loans, can apply on the webpage of Kamyab Jawan Program for the loans. Just online applications will be accepted and submitted because this web is providing access to all. Here is no other mode of applying the applications at all. Here you can read about richest kids 2021 in the world.

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program 2023

Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan Program 2023

Requirements for taking loans from YES:


A person’s age should be above 20 and below 46 at the time of submission of the application. Moreover, the lower 18 age will be considered of those persons who would have done matric or equivalent study.


The loans can be got by all genders, i.e male, female, and transgender.


It depends on the ages of the youth as depicted above or startups of the businesses.


The loan starts from 0.1 M and goes above 10 M up to 25 M of the total amount.


You can expand your business productivity or set the new work from the loan.

SHARES: 10% to 20% to the new business and for existing business the equity is NIL.


A loan will be given to all the departments like laborers, agricultural, or more sectors.


It can be a long term loan or working capital loan.


The loan will be paid to those persons who would have a grace period of up to 1 year.


The loan is based on the monthly installments and paid on the 1st date of every month.


The fees will be charged with Rs. 100 and other charges will be as existing as the current time.

Documents required for applying the applications:

All those persons, who are going to submit the applications for a loan, must have the following things with copies and pictures

  • The picture should be clear that can be seen easily.
  • CNIC with a separate front and back.
  • Must attach your qualification degree.
  • Degree of your relevant business.
  • Have proof of any of your skills in a particular craft.
  • Certificates of any experience.
  • Must require the license e.g for medical store, or commercial vehicle. Upload the receipt if you are applying for a license.
  • Before filling the application, get NTN or recently returned tax.
  • Do write the reference whom you have been told and the number of electrical connections of your resident.
  • The formal written version of your business.
  • Also, depict any other way of your income facility e.g any foreign settlements or salaries from any department like biotechnology, or farming.
  • If you have any registered vehicle in your name or your parent’s name (must be female), attach it as well.
  • Documents of independent existence.

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