Turkish Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2024

The students, who want to gain abroad learning opportunities, are now able to fulfill their dream. Turkish Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2024 is available for the Pakistani students who wish to go for higher education in abroad.

Students can submit the application for session 2024-2025 from January 10th to February 20th. You have to submit the form online that you can get from the official website.

The Turkish scholarship will be helpful for all the learners to learn new horizons as well as abilities and will make you closer to your career. Turkish universities are offering scholarship to international students. Moreover, Government will bear all expenses related to education in the university. Besides this, the universities of Turkey offer the study of all levels i.e Bachelor, Master, and doctorate with almost all the disciplines.


Turkish Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2023

Turkish Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2024

Turkey is offering scholarships on an international level from the entire globe. Therefore, it is one of the best opportunities to study to the finest university. Moreover, Turkey is offering such scholarships for the betterment for its country via the educational system. It intends to improve the mutual relations as well as the understandings/concentrations with other countries.

Moreover, Turkey provides scholarships to exceptional students and also gives the reward to the most talented students.

Benefits for Pakistani students:

The Pakistani students can avail themselves of the benefits from the Turkey scholarship 2021 because it fully funded education and cover all the costs of a study. Turkish Government will pay the expenses in form of installments. And also, Turkey scholarship funds other allowance of housing, medical/health, traveling, visa, and insurance for all the applicants. Following are some major benefits of Turkey scholarship or Pakistani students 2021:

Tuition fees:

The candidates from Pakistan won’t have to pay any tuition fee or administrative fee to the universities of Turkey.

Insurance of health:

The students, who would have got the Turkish scholarship, should become tension-free about the health expense. University will pay health insurance fees. If you’re a foreign student, the country will be responsible for this expense.

Expenses for traveling:

Turkish Government gives the flight ticket for arrival and departure, after the completion of the studies. But in case, if a student buys a ticket with his own money, then Government will return it back after completion of the course.

Pakistani candidates should be fluent in peaking Turkish:

Any student, who is actually going to take the Turkish scholarship, must undergo the full one-year course of learning the language. So that you can be fluent but you must have to take into account the following condition

  • The course of learning the language Turkish doesn’t exceed or less than the period of the whole year.
  • Very helpful to improve the linguistic skills of a student.

This language will be offered to all the students on the entire globe. Even if some students are learning the 2ndlanguagesas well at the same time.

Students must take course of Turkish language. Almost in all countries there is available a facility of Turkish language learning. You can take course to fulfill these eligibility criteria before moving to Turkey.

Required documents for the Turkish scholarship 2023:

Turkey scholarship for Pakistani students 2021 need the following set of the document in order to submit the application of applying for the scholarship

  • Diploma Grade
  • Average Grades
  • High School Graduation
  • University Entrance Exam Grade
  • International Test Score

Eligibility Criteria

Students applying for this scholarship must fulfill following eligibility criteria

  • First of all, it is assured to all the students that there is no age limit for the Turkey scholarship program.
  • If a candidate is going to apply to the scholarship program for the degree of undergraduate, he shouldn’t have born before January 1989.
  • The same criteria for the degree of the master’s will be followed in the Turkish scholarship.
  • The required month or date for the Ph.D. Scholarship is January 1984.
  • For the research program, the candidate must have the experiences, so the age of an applicant must be January 1974.
  • For an undergraduate degree, students must have 70% marks to get admission.
  • To apply in medical, students must have 90% marks in the subjects.
  • A person, that has already studied in Turkey or has Turkish citizenship, is not eligible for this program. Just the selected students will be entertained after the submission of the document upon request.
  • The Turkish scholarship is open in the world for all citizens.

Students of Pakistan can apply for the scholarship

The priority of every candidate is that he must have the required documents that are important at the time of submission of the application. You have to apply for the Turkey scholarships for Pakistani students 2024 online because every year, the Turkish scholarship invites online before the 20th of February. The applicants should have to provide all the requirements properly by reading carefully. It is very necessary to read all the information before filling the form. Each year, the last date of the turkey scholarship is 20 February. It will be better to apply before the date of the deadline. The application for the Turkish scholarship is completely free, which means you don’t have to pay any form submission fee.

For getting further details and checking the list of your names, you should continue visiting the site of the Turkish scholarship. It will be the final stage and then you have to apply for a visa. Once a student gets admission to the Turkish scholarship, he/she can get a lot of experience and information during this educational trip in the most beautiful country, Turkey.


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